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Mt. Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Lincoln, Nebraska  68505


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Mt. OliveEvangelic Luthern Church                                                            June 2018

It is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. Romans 1:16

Remember the name Alfred Nobel? He's the man after whom the Nobel Peace Prize is named. Years ago this Swedish inventor discovered dynamite. But he didn't know what to call it. So Nobel used the Greek word for power and named this powerful explosive dynamite.

It's said that before Nobel died he actually read his own obituary in the paper and didn't like the fact that he would be remembered for creating something so destructive as dynamite (which in his day was used in the war effort-to bring death and devastation) and so, he came up with the Nobel Peace Prize.

The apostle used the same word for gospel. Gospel means "good news." In fact, it is the "best news." What can be better news than John 3:16 "God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life"? God's gospel takes us back to eternity to show us a love that planned our rescue even before man was made.  God's gospel takes us down to Bethlehem, up to Calvary, and out to Easter tomb to show uis a love that went the ultimate distance for you and me. Good news - indeed, the best nes we can ever hear.

Not only does the gospel tell us the good news, the gospel is God's power to bring us to faith. The gospel is both God's message and God's means. Our gracious God uses it like some stick of dynamite to blast open our stony hearts of unbelief, converts those hearts into a home for our Savior, and keeps our hearts in faith in his Son as our only Savior. Alfred Nobel gave the world the explosive power of dynamite. The Lord gave us, sinners all, something far more powerful in his gospel.

That's why we want to make regular, faithful use of this powerful "means of grace". Summer is not a time to take a vacation from what God has provided to keep us close to him. On the contrary, we should do as Christ commanded us:  "Come to me, all who are weak and laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)

It is his powerful love for us that motivates us to treasure the gift of God's Word and to share it with others. May God bless you this vacation season, to tap into his powerful tool-to stay forever close to Him!

Lord, help me treasure and use the power of your Gospel as your message and means. Amen.


Blayde Foster 2    Mark Schleusener  4
Garret Ferrell  8    Grant Ferrell  8
Elijah Sulzle  10    Audrey Schleusener  11
Matt Jochem  11    Sammie Houfek  16
Deb Richie  22    Candace Meyer  25
Arlene Gnirk  26    Cliff Foster  29

Jarred & Candace Meyer  2
Tom & Becca Monroe  11
Roger & Virgine Vester  13
Vaughn & Karen Helberg  13

Ushers:  Ray & Chad Hernandz, Justin & Bill Walters (Early)
Rueben Krenke, Mark Schleusener, Rod & Grant Wasserman (Late)

Altar Care:  Ellen Donahoe, Dee Kemnitz (Early)
Shawna fox, Heidi Brase (Late)

Cleaning Schedule:
Hernandez (D) 6/02
Fox (U) 6/02
Gettemy (N) 6/02
Houfek (D) 6/09
Mattox (U) 6/09
tbd (N) 6/09
Landis (D) 6/16
Kauk (U) 6/16
Kemnitz (N) 6/16
Meyer (DF) 6/23
Monroe (U) 6/23
Richie (N) 6/23
N Rassmussen (U) 6/30
E Rassmussen (U) 6/30
Raasch (N) 6/30

6-2 Craig Berermann/Chris Hansen

6-9 Scott Larsen/Adam Daharsh
6-16 Justin, Billy, & Eddie Walters
6-23 Jerry & Ken Satterwaite
6-30 Scott Raasch/Bob Kander

First Sunday Doughnuts/Treats
June 3 Meyer
July 1 Landis
August 5 Hansen

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