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WELS Connection
Last updated on July 11, 2015

» WELS Connection - December 2017

December: Bringing the gospel to new communities

WELS Home Mission congregations use their resources creatively to bring the gospel to new corners of the world.

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» WELS Connection - November 2017

November: WELS demographic report highlights

After a demographic report shows the findings and latest membership trends happening in congregations throughout our synod, WELS Commission on Congregational Counseling puts forth efforts to respond to these challenges and opportunities.

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» WELS Connection - October 2017

October: 500th Anniversary of the Reformation brings blessings

This year representatives of confessional Lutheran church bodies from around the world gathered in Germany for a conference, and WELS delegates convened for the 64th Biennial WELS Synod convention in Watertown, Wis., to remember the Reformation and consider the future.

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» WELS Connection - September 2017

September: Workers for his harvest field
As school is starting, keep encouraging the young people in your family and in your congregation to consider preparing for the public ministry to work in the Lord’s harvest field.

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» WELS Connection - August 2017

WELS Christian Aid and Relief

WELS Christian Aid and Relief provides help and support to those in need while sharing the gospel.

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» WELS Connection - July 2017

WELS Mission and Ministry Sunday

Spring and Fall mission festivals with tailored worship and Bible studies are on-going and provide an opportunity for missionaries returning from the field, to share their experiences of proclaiming the gospel abroad with WELS congregations here.

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» WELS Connection - June 2017

Home Missions

WELS home missions plant churches by building communities and strengthening relationships through shared experiences. One opportunity to do this is by hosting a showing of the new movie, "Martin Luther: A Return to Grace."

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» WELS Connection - May 2017

Congregational Partner Grant Program

Martin Luther College's new grant program makes it easier for congregations to support students going to MLC.

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» WELS Connection - April 2017

WELS Ministerial schools is adapting to training men for leadership roles in our world mission fields.

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» WELS Connection - March 2017

A look inside the Commission on Worship and worship music as we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

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» WELS Connection - February 2017

Home Missions reaches the Vietnamese in Boise, Idaho.

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» January 2017 - Year in Review

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» December 2016 - NPH and Reformation 500

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» November 2016 - Recruitment needed to fill pastoral vacancies

Our Ministerial Education schools are central to training those who will spread the gospel, and it’s as important as ever to encourage young people to enter the ministry.

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» September 2016 - Opportunities grow for Cross-cultural ministry

The WELS Joint Mission Council sees growing opportunity to share the gospel with different cultures, utilizing the Cross-cultural Toolkit in both domestic and international settings.

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» August 2016 - Home Mission growth through WELS Church Extension Fund, Inc.

WELS Home Missions projects grow and develop through support of the WELS Church Extension Fund, Inc.

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» July 2016 - West African refugees resettling in Las Vegas

A partnership between WELS Christian Aid and Relief and WELS Home Missions is helping to meet the basic needs of the African refugees settling in Las Vegas.

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» June 2016 - New doors opening for mission work in Mexico

Mexico's access to internet and smartphones is skyrocketing and opening new opportunities for web-based mission work.

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» May 2016 - Women's Ministry and an emphasis on mentoring

Women's Ministry is spotlighting mentoring other women and helping the next generation of Christian women find and use their gifts to God's glory.

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» April 2016 - Michigan Lutheran Seminary

Michigan Lutheran Seminary and a look at the preparation and training of students to become pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and missionaries.

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» March 2016 - Campus Ministry

A focus on the importance of Campus Ministry for the young people heading off to face the challenges life in college delivers.

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» February 2016 - World Missions in Korea

The Lord lets us see outreach develop into something more in Westland, Mich. through cross-cultural ministry with Korea.

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» January 2016 -Year in review; future opportunities

A look at the blessings of the previous year, with an eye toward future ministry opportunities.

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» December 2015 - Christian Aid and Relief

WELS Christian Aid and Relief facilitates efforts to help believers around the world when faced with hardships like floods, earthquakes, and droughts. Check out the efforts in Malawi and Nepal.

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» November 2015 - One in Christ

One in Christ, Moving forward in Ministry is an adopted ministry financial plan that will use the gifts God makes available to continue sharing the gospel in mission fields and preparing workers to go into those fields with the Gospel of Jesus.

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